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GlucFail#1. ‘Spy’writer Purports to Have Style. Again.

Posted in Fail, News by thedelisted on April 15, 2009

In the first of two stunning recent posts over at Spy, commenting on Sara Tetro (62 Models owner and now ‘on air talent’ for New Zealand’s Next Top (Farmers) Model)…the Gluc had this to say about a 20 year old cheerleading photo:

You see, I hear your pain. I, too, suffered from bad haircutitis, a rare follicle condition peculiar to the ’80s that no woman should endure today.

Ok – back the truck up: is that the past tense being used by the Gluc? Clearly that should be ‘suffer’ – present tense. Elsewhere in the article Gluc goes on to suggest…

Not that I’m mocking your style. In a woman’s magazine spread recently, you appeared all shiny, polished and new. I’m just saying, it’s funny, isn’t it, how far you’ve come.

Yes. It is great how far Sara has come, after all (more…)


Newsflash: Pearl Going Kindly Requests D&D Embargo

Posted in (de)listed, News by thedelisted on April 14, 2009

So. As interesting as this tale continues to unfold, just as we were going to post, another curveball has been tossed our way.

As has been disclosed, we’ve been in regular conversation with fauxialite and Gluc-creation/celebutante Ms. Going for about 3-4 months now. And she seems pleasant enough and has been happily obliging to a very long drawn out and extended conversational interview via the web. Which we are most appreciative of and respectful of.

However, all has ground to a halt this week as she has kindly requested us not to proceed posting anything due to a family illness.

What do you think readers? Shall we proceed, or shall we oblige?

Seeking Serious Party Snappers. Document the Village in Pictures Please.

Posted in News by thedelisted on April 13, 2009

At D&D we’ve decided to up the ante and look for a party snapper(s) of our very own. Any interested wannabe Mark Hunter’s please apply by emailing us at: thedeclasse AT Or if you know someone, get them to apply…

It’s good chop to cut your teeth as an asipring docu-photo-journo-social. We’re not even doing a hell of a lot of content yet here at D&D but our readership continues to inexplicably grow so it’s good exposure and maybe you’ll get into all the cool parties just like our friend Norrie.

And if the quality is there – we may even pay you. No seriously, we may just do that.

Defamatory Ugliness Hurts Glucina

Posted in News by thedelisted on April 9, 2009

Wow. So have we been, every weekend since you started putting pen to print Rachel.

Seems like someone in the Twitterati decided to turn the tables on our dear friend? It was reported in the Herald on Sunday that someone was ‘impersonating’ Rachel on Twitter (which in itself is an incredible honour). This has been a common instance internationally of late, and Twitter have willingly obliged to remove or ‘clamp down’ on said impersonators of credibly, well known people of note.

Herald says, “Twitter refuses to identify ‘fake Glucina'” – well, if they had to deal with every ‘fake’ Tom, Dick and Sally then they’d have even LESS of a business model than they currently do because all they’d end up being is one big call centre (probably in India…) dealing with the wannabe’s trying to ‘protect’ their name. I guess Glucina isn’t a big enough name over in Twitter HQ to warrant (more…)

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Posted in (de)listed by thedelisted on April 5, 2009

After a long absence, we are back. In good form and with a steady flow of content in the pipeline so that we don’t go absent again for long period. We’ll pick up where we left off…and continue to profile some of the couplets around town, starting with – Marcarena.

Marcarena (Mark Harrison & Carena West)
The question today is whether they are still a couple or not – however fan feedback has required we cover them anyway. D&D’s requests for clarification to Ms West were unanswered as of Friday.

Mark’s a likable charming rogue with a cheeky side although we don’t really know what he does. We heard a rumour about something to do with fences and that seems to be verified by a recent Facebook comment about Mark sending $430 to a ‘Matt Rose’ for referring a fencing job his way?

Historically, Mark’s propped up many a bar in many a year in his time. We do recall with fondness however the first time he really hit the ‘press’ years ago for his supposed relations with Charlotte Dawson (more…)

The Month of April

Posted in News by thedelisted on April 5, 2009

Apologies all for the ‘drought’ as one commentator so aptly put it. First and foremost, apologies. Secondly – we’re a blog, not a commercial enterprise. We actually expected a lot more user-gen content and submissions but that has also been rather droughtworthy, so if any of you have content – write to us.

Thirdly, we’ve decided we’re going to kind of get into a bi/weekly rhythm vs a sporadic unpredictable flow…month of April we have earmarked a few topics to focus the lense on and should avoid the droughtness. Included is the couplet profile on MurAnna (Murray Bevan and Anna Fitzpatrick, to open to debate), the microscope on what we found of Kiwi’s in aSmallworld, the results of our interview with Pearl Going and cohorts (this is so long it probably needs to be a Part I, II, III and IV…and whatever else we pick up along the way.

Lastly, talk soon…have faith. Don’t be a hater ;)

Sorry…we got very busy

Posted in News by thedelisted on March 20, 2009

…as you do when you’re a volunteer part-time effort of a collective.

But we’re back. And we’re soliciting your help so that these ‘spells’ of silence can be avoided.

And we’re on the lookout for more goods, bads and uglies… but I think we’re going to start with the goods, to be positive!

Well, we had our latest article all written up (profile on MarCarena) but they went and got all broke up, so we had to scratch it.

Also, we want to hear from more of you…so, let’s have it please – get in touch..

Trainwreck in the Making. Part I

Posted in News by thedelisted on February 25, 2009

The NZ Herald, our premier and largest daily “news”paper is embarassingly TMZ-style-obsessed with the goings-on behind the sure-to-be world-class “New Zealand’s Next Top Model’ series trainwreck in the making. Honestly, they should leave that low-brow stuff to less Herald publications. Like D&D.

Another embarassment for our small but proud nation is about to unfold, televised for us all to see.

The original American version is so classless, embarassing and cringe-worthy enough we can’t even start to think about contemplating how imagining how painfully excrutiating the Village’s version will be.

But we’ll hold our breath.

Let's pray. For their sake.

Let's pray. For their sake.

The ugly details unveiled at the Herald this week include (more…)

The Best in the West

Posted in News by thedelisted on February 24, 2009

Ok we were going to leave this sweet lass alone until we actually covered the couple themselves in our upcoming Couplet’s special. But we just. Couldn’t. Resist. Sorry.

It all started when we were innocently minding our own Facebook and ignoring the ads on the right, as you do – when lo and behold, we recognised the model in one of them. All of a sudden we were inflicted by an ad from none other than Ms Carena West. Yes, the ‘brand’ Ms Carena West. Like Coke, or Pepsi – Ms West is now a brand people. A brand that advertises in social media.

The ad is what Facebook call ‘Social Ads’, and we quote Mark Zuckerface himself: “Page Admins will have an opportunity to incrementally increase distribution as well with paid advertising. Paid promotion are the Social Ads created specifically to promote traffic to your Facebook Page.”

Now, it’s one thing to be naturally popular and have a lot of fans – like, say, Flight of the Conchords (497,023 at last count). And then another altogether to start shelling out the dough to recruit to break the 50 mark. D&D posit: how is this different from ‘rent-a-crowd’ for your own 21st? Is it? Hard to tell. Click to see what we’re talking about… (more…)

Great Quote from July 2006

Posted in News by thedelisted on February 22, 2009

From the Metro Magazine MetroLive archives,

“If you were to read nothing else about Auckland but these columns you might believe the place is filled with beautiful people leading terrifically exciting lives of free booze and even freer sex.”

So true.